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Focus on Long-Term Goals

By July 5, 2017No Comments

With TV today showing so many shows like The Biggest Loser, it’s easy for new clients to expect dramatic results in the first few weeks of a new exercise program. Little do they know that shows like that are not reality and there is a lot more behind the scenes than they are showing. In order to keep them motivated, you want to get them focused on where they want to be instead of where they are now. It has been shown that clients that lose weight slowly over a longer period of time have a much higher chance of keeping the weight off long term than someone who loses a quick 10-20 lbs in a short few weeks. It can be disappointing at first to only lost 3-6 lbs a month, but if you keep them focused on their end goal they will be your best friend and biggest ambassador in 4-6 months when they have lost 15-30 lbs without making overly drastic lifestyle changes. Remember, the goal is not only to lose weight and be healthier, but also to do it without forcing dramatic changes to a person’s lifestyle and daily routine. Rather start with small, manageable changes that add up to big changes. This will drastically increase their chance of long-term success. One of the best things they can do is to keep items of motivation on hand, at all times. For example, encourage your client to create a vision board and display it at work or home – doing so will help them remain focused on their goals.

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