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Self-Talk & Our Inner Dialogue

By July 5, 2017No Comments

Self-talk is the inner dialogue or set of messages that we play in our minds. Self-talk can be positive or negative. Too often, we are using negative self-talk. This is especially true in the fitness world. When first starting an exercise or nutrition program, it is easy to fall into the negative self-talk trap.  This is because it is always hard to start something new. I often hear people say things like “This is too hard” “I’ll never be able to do this” “I’ll never look like him/her.” But when we say things like this, we are focusing on the wrong things. We are focusing on the outcome rather than the process. You don’t know where someone else is in their fitness journey and therefore, should not compare yourself to them! Each person has his or her own struggles. This negative self-talk is more destructive to you than you realize. Every time you say “I can’t do that” think about how far you’ve come. Whenever you hear yourself using negative self-talk, stop, breathe and correct yourself. Instead of saying “This is too hard” say “I can do this.” You may not be where you want to be, but you’re closer than when you started. Remind yourself that you are on a journey – this is not a quick fix. Each day, each meal, each workout, choose to be positive. And if you fail, fail fast, pick back up at the very next meal or workout and start again!  You CAN do this!!

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