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Stop the All or Nothing Cycle!

By July 5, 2017May 29th, 2019No Comments

How many times have you started your new diet and exercise plan on a Magical Monday? The day when all new lifestyles are made. You have your meal plan. You’re cutting out sugar, carbs, gluten or (insert any food group or macronutrient here)! You feel like crap but you if you can just get through the first few days you’ll be fine. You barely have the energy to work out but you force yourself to work out at least once, sometimes twice a day. You forgo rest days because more is better. You make a few more Mondays and then….you binge. You eat so much of said restricted food that you’re more miserable than before you started and usually up a few extra pounds. You’ve ruined your new diet so why not eat whatever you want? And no point in going to the gym since you ate “bad.” Since that didn’t work you pick a new restrictive diet to start the following Magical Monday. Rinse and repeat for years until you are so frustrated you just give up entirely.

Stop. It.

Stop living the all or nothing mentality! Very few (hardly anyone) people can stick to a restricted diet long-term. Learn to choose real food from ALL food groups and watch your portion sizes. Let go of thinking that perfection is necessary, or even possible, for weight loss and weight maintenance. Give yourself guilt-free permission to include controlled portions of treats as part of your weight loss program.

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