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Genesis Performance & Fitness Systems is Forsyth’s best upscale personal training studio, providing a family friendly environment with variety of programs for all ages and fitness levels.

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Brian Teague


My goal is to hold each and every client accountable while also guiding everyone to achieving and/or exceeding their individual fitness goals. The key is to do so in a challenging, fun and safe environment, while keeping everyone smiling.

Mary Moffit

Operations and Marketing Director/Fitness Coach

Creating a healthier life is achieved by making better choices in our daily routines. Dramatic change is overwhelming and unsustainable! Making small changes on a regular basis help create a healthier lifestyle, without adding more stress to our already busy lives. I like to make workouts fun and nutrition simple. I want our clients to get results and be able to maintain them. Let us show you how!

Melissa Vitelli

Fitness Coach

I truly believe the best way to stick with your routine is to make fitness FUN! Try different formats, exercises, and equipment to see what works best for you. Start slow, and develop a routine that fits into your lifestyle. Dont forget to ask questions and focus on form...quality always trumps quantity!

John Allen

Fitness Coach

I have always enjoyed working out and enjoy pushing myself when I think I can't go anymore. I believe working out will help me live a longer and happier life. I have always used working out as an outlet for stress and feel energized and a sense accomplishment after a good hard workout.

Tayler Harben

Creative Marketing


Megan Marslender

Fitness Coach

My goal is to change people’s lives through improved health and fitness performance. I want to teach people that there is not magic pill to reach their fitness goals, whether it be looking great in a bikini or being able to play with their grandchildren grow up. It takes hard work and commitment.

happy clients

Our members’ success is our success. Here are some of the achievements we’ve celebrated with our family here at Genesis Gym. We love to see our members crush their goals!

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“I started Genesis Fitness at 160 pounds in April and am now at 134 pounds. The workouts at Genesis have transformed and reshaped my body without requiring hours in the gym. I feel lighter, my feet and joints have stopped hurting me, and I’ve dropped a few sizes in clothes.”

Brenda H

You want results, then get with trainers that really want to see you succeed. Brian and the staff at Genesis are awesome and make it fun. Great environment.

Chris B

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